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There has been a severe change in the ruling of waivers. I am not going to go into detail as I don't want to start the "BUT, BUT, BUT"

All I can tell you is when you sign a waiver now, its binding. Even on impulse decisions such as waking up in the morning and deciding to go bungee jumping. No thought or plan. Spur of the moment vs methodically seeking out a sport. Like Mountain biking, baseball, airsoft, paintball, soccer, Thursday night hockey, running club etc etc etc. All are organized events and all have risk.

I recall when I played Rugby in Toronto we would have over 120 people at the 6 fields all playing ready to kill each other. We signed one waiver at the beginning of the year for whole season. Injuries at the field were reminded with the Ambulance waiting in the parking lot.

He needs to make sure he is responsible in his hosting and not allowing anything that can be construed as gross negligence.

Do you home work and get your facts straight then contact the police. They are there to help and appreciate the call BEFORE "the call".

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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