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Crown Land is available for the use of the people for any "approved use"
you need to take a look and see if the land you intend to use is in a discharge prohibited area.
If the land is remote enough, then you can probably " get away with" playing there, but there will always be risks.

Informing locals and authorities regarding your presence would be a good idea to avoid police intervention.

Insurance, is not really much of an issue with a bunch of friends knocking 'round in the bush, but if you have people you don't know showing up then you can start to get into liability concerns.

Overall, playing in an uncontrolled area where other people ( possibly armed with real guns) may stumble upon your group is a bad idea and could result in some very negative outcomes.

You are better off to find a piece of private property and get permission to use it than to play on public lands.
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