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Originally Posted by Artyrules View Post
currently I live in a small community and our group is really small regarding using crown land to play on is there any issues with this regarding liability, as our group doesnt have any official "host". Also we have had some minors showing interest and beyond the whole 18+ laws for buying what are the issues here with legality or liability. On the legal side of things I cannot imagine the laws go beyond that in regards to target shooting or hunting on crown land.
Well thats a necro post if ive ever seen one lol.
As for playing on crown land DONT.
bein in a small rural area im sure you or one of your friends must have a family member or friend who has enough property with a small wooded area you can play in.
If its just a small group of friends you can have "private games" there without a need for insureance just be sure to make up waivers baisically sayin.
I (the players name) obsolve (the property owners name) of any responsability or liability should i injur myself on their property located at (adress of property) while playing airsof.
Im sure you can makebit more detailed but that would be the baisics.
At the end of the page have another soace for their name the date and their signature. For minors (16 years and older uo to 18)
Have also a space for their parents to sign like " name of parent/legal gardian and their signature) and a lil disclaimer like "i take responsability for the actions of (players name) during the airsoft game at (feild adress) on (game date)
And be sure to see ID of the player and parent to confirm it is their parrent and not just some random person signing. It would also be good to get emergency contact info for the parent and also get it from the other players as well. Should they break a leg or something and need a ride or to inform the contact about the incident and what hospital their loved one is at.
Also check all eyepro upon sign in make sure everyone has good footwear.
And id advise agsinst charging for the games as then it sort of becomes a buissness and such and youd need insureance for sure. And propper zoning of the property and such.
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Thanks Hectic,
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