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excellent post

The post above should be foremost in all game organizer's minds. We have the adopted the - did you see your bb's hit him, then shoot him in the legs he still did not call a hit. Get up walk over id him see an admin.

The reporting player is admin'd back in play the offending player is dealt with. If you as a player can not do those 2 things shut up about cheating. I will toss a whiner as fast as a cheater, both drag down everyone.

ditto on the rules I have always preferred bandages to counts, a clear simple way to get a player back in the game.

I will add one point have a way to get the teams into static positions if things start going sideways. Observation is a legitimate task and it will give you a breather to sort things out. Worse case have them drop back to pre-established positions or their primary base.

Then get yourself or the situation sorted out and get the teams moving again.
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