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For the fire pig to work well the inner has to end just inside the base (narrow part) of the fire pig then the air is forced in behind the cone till its full then pops out back into the cone and exits with a nice POP sound. If you adjust the cone forward so the opening is bigger itll catch more air snd the pop wilo become lower sounding.

As far as making you saw quieter get some mouse pad or dynamat (from car audio places) and fill it in any open spaces around the gearbox and in the body of the aeg to muffle the echo in the body. Then ad a thick sorbo pad bearing bushings bearing spring guide pom piston head with bearing helical gears and a perfect shim job (kind of escential with helical gears anyhow) and you wont really need a silencer the pom and sorbo will takebcare of most of the POP sound the gears and besrings will elimijate most of the whine from the gearbox and the dynamat will muffle the rest you should mostly only hear the motor and the sound of the box mag will almost be as loud as that. Ive always wanted to build a "silenced" aeg just never got around to it yet but thems be the steps to take. Wont be perfectly silenced but will be damn quiet. Also going to a softer spring (320-340fps) will help too but we all know we want that majic 400 fps so i omited that.
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