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Read up a bit more. The laws surrounding importation are totaly diferent from the criminal code.
Look at it like this. If you had a watergun that looks remotely like a real gun (ie its pistol shaped and black) and commited a crime with it (including brandishing it in public) you would be treated the same as doing it with a real gun. Even goinv into a bank or store with your hand in your pocket pointing a finger sayin "i have a gun give me the money" is armed robbery because its implied you are armed and the mental impact on the victom is the same.
You cant go to a public place with an airsoft gun end of story it doesnt matter what the importation laws are. Those laws mean noting once the guns are in canada they then fall under the criminal code.
Charges may be droped on a count of stupidity once the weapon is tested and deemed to not be a firearm but they will still charge you with mischiff or something along those lines.
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