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Bigmedcin, couldn't agree with you more unfortunately being a small company like FCC the issue will always be cost due to the low production capability and production numbers but they are small enough to care and big enough to satisfy their customer base, their constant quest to make their product better is like an obsession especially the two brothers Sailun and Amoom I kind like to compare them to the old Systema when they were first starting up. their gears at the time were fantastic yet expensive their SS inner barrel awesome but again expensive, they were one of the first to comeout with a reinforced gearbox for Marui V2, metalbodies etc. I'm not saying that they will be perfect because they are not but their Customer service, product availability and product quality certainly have won me over and a lot more PTW users too. I'm also very interested in their R&D which is by far the fastest R&D, the last I spoke to them their CNC machine have planned projects that will keep them busy till 2016 and there will be more to come from this little company.
Even when you go through their list of products cost for cost, I find them very competitive and in some cases cheaper than systema parts! hop units, Barrels, motors, electrical units, cylinders! when I built my DRM and priced matched, it was only the gear box I purchases that was 25% more than the stock max systema (I ordered the drop in Torque gear box), again I will say that their is nothing wrong with Systema and they broke the ground for the PTW/CTW market and still continue to make good parts, but when I was parts ordering I did not have the time or patience to surf multiple sites hunting up everything I needed, only to be disappointed by lack of availability! in the end a one stop order from FCC, they had all components I needed in one shot and I paid basically the same price since some FCC parts are cheaper than Systema ie: motors and electronic units! also they have a warranty that I am confident will be honored with no song and dance.
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