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I like a helmet myself - nothing is worth a laugh more than someone firing off a burst and hitting you in the head, and everyone within 20 feet of you looking around to see what/who was getting "ka-ching-ka-ching-ka-chinged" as plastic meets thick fiberglass.

Better than my scalp/neck, in any case..

I also like, and run ATACS FG .. it works well in Ontario fields/bush/forest. Topped off with OD webbing, and all is golden for gaming.

If a milsim requires a different BDU pattern.. always an excuse to add to the closet - but a base of ATACS FG is good enough for skirmishing.

*edit* - get a basic minimal gaming setup, and add-on from there. If your base budget is $800.00 - while prices have come down in the past year, $800.00 is a bit low for start-up with all bells and whistles. As you are doing here, do your research to make sure you are buying only once... but i would highly recommend doing a lot of reading here and elsewhere to see what people are doing, as well as observing what other people are running in-game, before you get all fancy with your purchases. You don't need all the toys, to begin with... a basic setup will do of webbing and/or chest rig setup with appropriate pouches, a primary gun and a few mid-cap mags (hi-caps are so noobish, don't be a noob.. even from the start..) good boots, eye/face protection and some basic camo. ATACS FG is considered "premium" as far as patterns go, and is priced somewhat higher than surplus camo. You don't need a sidearm to start.

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