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Originally Posted by EagleDriver View Post
The Wouxun will unlock for a wide range of VHF and UHF frequencies (not 0 to 999--even though you can set it to that), but it seems that they are tuned for the factory set frequencies. When I unlocked mine, I would get strong receive and weak transmit or vice versa the farther I got from the factory programmed range.

Note that if you use the KG-UV Commander software, and try to program a frequency outside of your factory set range, it will prompt you to see if you want to expand your frequency range to include that frequency.
Im going to leave the transmit set at factory setting's but I like to expand the receive side would you so kind in telling me how far it can be expanded with out getting to far out of band before it become's to weak to receive. You can say Im looking for the outer limits of the band.

I have the Commander software as well as the factory software and the unlock program but yet to try it until I learn a little more about expanding the receive side of the unit.

But I been reading it will go down so far to pick up airports in 122 VHF

I think it's 15 over/under for VHF and 50 over/under for UHF out of band for receiving.

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