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In the west it seems younger guys are the norm but out east there is a trend towards middle aged guys at least from what I've observed. The guys I play with range from about 20 to 40-ish.

Remember this; your first gun isn't your last. You can always get more later, for now focus on getting the cool gear to make you look cool on the field (or you know the minimum PPE to let you play, then worry about looking cool later).

BTW; there's nothing wrong with the "Lucid LG3" it's just overpriced. Just like a Harley, there's nothing wrong with it if you like it (and hey, I kind of want to tour around on a Road King when I'm 30-35) but you're overpaying when you can get the same from a Boulevard or Phantom or whatever.

Also, speaking about the G&P. They're nice and I own one but make sure you get it to a guntech as soon as possible to reshim/replace gears (highly recommend to get's Core/SHS gearset, or the Lonex gearset) as a preventative maintenance thing. Don't get me wrong it's a nice gun otherwise I wouldn't have kept mine but I think their engineers are retarded or drunk or something because the stock gears always seem to strip (and that's the biggest complaint about them) and that's really the only weak point about them, everything else was designed solidly.
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