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Originally Posted by -Rubix-
Well, the announcement on the front page says that they cannot sell guns because airsoft is Illegal in Canada. Yet all the stickies I have read here claim that, as of now, airsoft IS legal in Canada. I'm a tad confused. *looks at date on announcement* Perhaps this is simply AirsoftWorld's laziness I've been hearing so much about?

Please be patient if there's an easy answer and I'm annoying you- I'm new.
Never EVER buy from, Jacky Chan (Not the superstar asian fighting guy in Rush Hour two...) is the owner and he never gets up from his lazy ass to ship anything. This is probobly a statement that he is closing due to his lazyness and his lack of updating the site on whats in stock or not. The retailers you should buy from are at the top of the page under canadian retailers.

Guns are legal to buy in canada provided that you are 18 years of age or older, if not get your parents to buy it for you.
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