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Another newb

Hey guys is am really new to the sport. I have not had a game yet. Never played airsoft, played paintball once and that was 20 years ago... I know no one that plays the game either. I just happened to stumble onto an airsoft site in January. Bought a gun without any research. Bad idea! I bought a Lucid LG3. I don't know enough about airsoft guns to review it but can say I have shot about 1000 BB's through it and no issues. But from what I have read I probably way over paid for it...

I then did more research and found my fav gun which is the kwa mp7. The only thing with this gun is that accessories for it are expensive. A clip is over 50 dollars. I bought it cause it is my fav gun and don't want to pay 700 for the electric version.

This is what I am thinking, my next gun on my wanted list is a g&p m4. Should I get an m4 and get an extra mag or 2 or stick with the mp7 and I think I would need 4 extra mags as they hold 40 rounds... So we're talking around 250 all said and done were I think m4 mags are 12 dollars. Dang what do I do!!! I really want the m4, and if I get the mp7 stuff that kill the m4 for a long while for me...

P.S. I have no other gear to play. I know I won't be playing till late in the summer. My closest field would be flag raiders.

Kind of kicking myself for finding this sport so late, I am 40. What ages do you find people play at? Or would I be the oldest. LOL
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