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The FCC hop is by far the best yet for a PTW, the square spring and their hop rubber has done well for me in both 390fps and DMR platforms I use, the rubber material they use for their hop works well in cold, hot and damp weather, the spring system they use with a drop of blue on the adjuster screw and you have a rock solid hop setting that you dont have to mess with in the field.

yes I have tried the stock systema hop set up, dont waist your time on it unless you can modify and even then to dremel out material to use larger cushions and add a larger silicon rubber nub to get some kind of over hop is a pain, when you can spend $50 on a FCC complete hop unit and never worry about it as it works great for all BB weights and will adjust for them all!

I also use the 2.5 motor, an other amazing unit, again you dont have to spend $200 on a systema motor then have it re wound, the FCC motor at $185 is worth every penny.

I am not pro FCC nor anty Systema, my PTW's use Systema Cylinders and everything else FCC, mostly due to in some cases cost effectiveness, FCC is not cheap, I am not saying that, yes some components are cheaper part for part but my biggest influence is availability, I can order any part for my PTW and get a responce with in 8 hrs, and have shipped what every I need the next day, now knock on wood I have not have a failure of their parts yet, what I have been ordering is spare parts just in case, but the service, cost and "availability" is second to none that I have found in the PTW world.
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