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how about markers?

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Mask (full face paintball mask will do fine)
Boots (with ankle support)
Gloves (Mechanix gloves are amazing, $20)
BB Speed loader (Required, larger is better, chinese ones are ok, Tokyo Marui loaders are the best)
Camouflage (woodland is best starting point for green, multicam is a good point for tan (green/tan are the two most common team seperators)
Gun bag

Games are found on ASC, click the forums button on the top to search for games in Ontario

TAC Equiptment
Walk before you run, magazines fit in pockets and guns can be carried, play a couple games without all the fluff and see what you want to add in the long term. Less is definitely more in this area.

Stock guns shoot fine. If you shoot indoors, have it shoot less than 350fps with 0.20g bbs, outdoors you should be shooting less than 400fps with 0.20g bbs.
Batteries are important. 7.4v / 11.1v lipo batteries are the best in the game. lipo chargers are $40.

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