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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Lol better hope you don't have a break for at least two to three years otherwise you are in trouble. Keep an eye out for some new arrival announcement either here or on the FCC Canada facebook.
Nah ! not really, I still love airsoft but my schedule is very tight, being a chef yourself, you should how hard to take a break and the worst is when you owe the restaurant yourself. I stop counting my hour once I start it. Real steel is quite adorable, the range only 10 minutes from my place so always have one of two hours to drop by.

Anyway, the great thing about FCC is be able to fix the problem right from the start, listen to their customer, honor their product and warranty. That's the great way of starting business from the start whereas systema just simply take our money and quite but I have respect for them to be the mother company, still again it's not a cheap toy to be left miserable when you try to source their new parts to replace the broken one.

Sorry for my rant. I must be drinking too much Guru.
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