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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
Id suggest getting out to some local games. (the upcoming game at fainches field at the end of the month comes to mind)
Meet some folks chit chat see who you get along with and where you may "fit in" and join a team like that after getting to know some folks. Most teams wont just take you on without playing with you a bit first (i pesonnaly am on team but we rarely have any training or meet n greets lately and so i often just go to games alone but once i get there i always run into at least s few folks who i play with regularly) team organization is more important for milsims and your average skirmish game will just he a mish mash of players from all sortz of teams and solo guys so you wont have an issue "fitting in" and its a good place to meet the "veteran players" and find a team you can mesh well with.
Hopefully we will see you soon!
Hey Hectic thanks for the reply. Yeah I am considering just showing up. But I remember all to well what being the FNG was like back then. lol My kit is all brand new and shinny, I can be seen from space. lol I need to learn from all you veteran Airsofters what a proper load out would be. I picked up MARPAT BDU's, a condor modular vest things like that without really knowing if it was correct. I mean I'm clearly a noob to Airsoft but I'd like to avoid looking like one as much as possible. lol
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