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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
I would assume it's because business owners do not want employees to have direct access to the bank accounts, which is required to confirm deposit or to make a deposit from a money order.

However 1-person owner/operator businesses like me can accept whatever payment I want.
Cash? Yup
CC? Yup
Paypal? Yup
Direct deposit? Yup
Money order? Yup
Cheque? Yup
First born? Yup
LOL, I like the first born one Styak. But excellent Ill add you to my favoured airsoft retailer list.

I can understand that they would not want employees to have direct access to the bank accounts but could the owner not do it them self's or would that be to much trouble.

So it's basically Im just behind the time's when it come's to payment option's. I still remember a time when paypal and EMT did not exist.

I just wish airsoft retailer's would take notice of some business being lost do to not having more payment option's available.
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