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Want To Eventually Try A Skirmish

Hey dudes and dudettes. I've mentioned in various previous threads in the past how I like to play. But I do also want to try and join a skirmish in the near future. I served in the mid nineties and have only stayed exposed to anything green (mil not noob lol) through the odd game between old friends and my kids occasional bout of the stomach flu.

Here's my question; I there any teams or groups out there that are in the market for a young looking old guy that can hold is own, follows orders and is generally interested in playing with a mature crowd (not necessarily ex mil either). Even if it's merely in the training phase I'm down. I just need to learn the proper Airsoft ropes/etiquette.

I know you guys probably get requests like this all the time but I'm here to play and play seriously. I'm down for weekend excursions or whatever the team has planned. Hell, even if you're considering starting a team I'd dig that too, help recruit/train other members. I may have forgotten a shit load of procedure since my hayday but I much like riding a bike you don't tend to forget it all. Thanks for reading all, hope to meet you all soon.
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