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Mostly because EMT baisically replaces the DD and money order options.
Most banks require you to have an account to get a money order so you save the trip to the bank and the fee for the order.
EMT is essentially a DD so again it saves the trip to the bank.
I hate banks too i do have an account i put the money for my bills there the day befor its due and same for emt i just pilut the cash in a send it. I have the lowwest fee account so it only costs me 5 bucks a month to have the account. There are many banks who have no fees and so you couod have one and just put in what u need for Emt and thats it.
Not sayin go get an account just sayin why most retailers use those options theese days and how you could do it for cheap or free without having to actually use a bank account regularly
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