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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
a full stock version will be easyer to attach a stock too.
also make sure you have someone who has an svd stock so you can copy it onto your wood for reference
also for ease of carving and install try making the stock only and just have it butt up to the existing pistol grip itll save you alot of potential headaches in the end
The stock tangs will need to be cut off with a full stock, an underfolder will have the nice slanted back of the receiver and it'll be closed.

Originally Posted by Don.McClain View Post
Hmmmm, my only concern is i want the battery to go in the front without having to get a new mech box
No need for a new box, the stick battery can go under the dust cover and extend into the rear sight block if there's space, depending on the model.

An underfolding ak will already be wired to take a stick battery, so this is a non issue
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