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the motor should be fine (V3 box has the motor fixed onto it) but i think youll have issues fitting the stock as the attach alot difrently. if you have some wood working skills id say just build a svd style stock with the AK attachment points on it.
That being said and underfolder is not the right place to start as it doesnt have the stock mounting points at the rear, youd wanna starts with a full stock ak and go from there.
Some of the AK gurus will chime in im sure but what your looking to do wont be a simple drop in by any means and with a underfolder itll be even harder, making a SVD style stock will be easiest IMO because you can just laminate some nice wood together and cut, chisel, file and sand it to fit the exact way it needs to as opposed to messin with an existing stock that not made to fit nd may not have enough room to modify to make it fit you could just wind up killing a stock and having nothing to show for it besides a pile of wood chips
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