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THe one in the first picture, the trigger spring. So the trigger goes back into place each time it is pulled. Spent an hour cleaning the gear box and lubing it today before work. Took it fully apart and put everything back into place one part at a time. Made sure everything was inplace as per a picture and a video and this time went I went to do it. Everything went back together smoothly!

The other issue I was having with it firing on safety mode was because I hadn't put the selector switch fully back into place yet on the outside. So nothing was there to stop the trigger pulls.

Happy to say tho gearbox and the back half of the gun is back together and worknig correctly. When I get home I'll put it back fully together and test fire it. Tho I don't know how much the spring will change it.

Put in a spring that should change it too under 400 from 350-380 they said. But it's about one inch longer then the one I took out :/ Is it just because it's been decompressed more?

THanks for the help again Benny and Anthology.
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