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Originally Posted by nichtessen View Post
Cyma AKM full metal/wood. Gearbox is full metal nothing plastic which I think means V3
Aside from cheap electric pistols and Wal-Mart clear special guns, most gearboxes versions are made of metal. Version 1, 2, 6... doesn't matter. Full metal doesn't mean everything in the gearbox is metal. Usually it means everything that generally should be metal, is. I say generally because as your setup changes, the parts that need to be metal change.

These commonly metal parts include the gearbox shell, the gears, the bushings (although many times these are plastic), the trigger, the anti-reversal latch, and the spring guide (also sometimes plastic instead).

Yours will probably have a number plastic/composite components such as the tappet plate, piston (most of the time), piston head (sometimes metal), cylinder head (sometimes metal), and the nozzle.

I could go into more detail but I think you get the idea.

I am confused as to which spring you are talking about.

This one?

Or this one pictured in the bottom left?

If it is the second one, that spring is very important as it pulls back on the trigger sled and disengages it from the trigger contacts. Without it, your trigger will likely get lodged between the contacts on the first pull of the trigger (or sooner) and provide continuous power to the motor. A.K.A. FULL AUTO DEATH MODE

Happy tinkering!


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