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Sidearm as a primary?

Hey guys
Made an account here in 2008 and haven't touched it since, seems like i might have trolled a little bit and i apologize for that..

I have my Restricted Firearms license and was looking into doing IPSC shooting next year hopefully. Looking into different forms of training I could do besides just at the range and that's when I remembered about airsoft. Did some research and noticed some Glock GBBP that caught my attention. I would obviously like a sidearm that is the same as my IPSC gun to make it relevant for training purposes and letting me use the same holster. Have not decided on the handgun I want to use so for now I'm open to most firearms.. Was looking into a Glock, M&P, or even a 1911.

So now onto my reasoning behind making this post. I have a general knowledge of airsoft and have been to a store a couple times to just drool. the G&G Extreme 45 caught my eye that's for sure. Now would it even be plausible though to only play with a sidearm or is that just outrageous given it's lower range as an AEG?
Looking at prices I'm guessing in the buy/sell section there are really good deals for used stuff, so getting Age Verified is a good option for me to cut costs if I decide to pursue this.

Thank you, Nick
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