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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
Well done. Glad to see it come to compleation.
Its great overall only issue i see is the lady cop was using the mag as a foregrip, if you do a seccond one have her hold her front hand higher up onto the magwell not the actual magazine but like i said it looks great overall you guys put alot of work in and it shows. And dont feel bad about how she was holding it i cant recall what movies but there are a few where big time actors in big buget flicks are holding mp5s using the mags as foregrips and only those who know gun controll will notice it.
The Flashpoint TV series is notorious for having the main characters grip the MP5's mag/magwell, but it makes more sense with the MP5 than a carbine.

Originally Posted by Viperfish View Post

The fuck are you on about?

Lots of shooters use the magwell as a grip when shooting in a gunfighter stance. They even make an attachment for it.....Its called a magwell grip.

Its a more comfortable stance when you need to get close up to the weapon or square off with your target.

Nothing wrong with holding it there at all.

She used the mag itself as a foregrip.

Where did the blood splatter on the wall go 7:22-7:30?

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