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Indie Canadian Cop Show Filmed With Airsoft

While the whole production of this has been discussed off over here: I think it'd be worth posting the final product in a dedicated thread up here. I thought maybe the 'airsoft media' section but it seems to be mostly for showing off gear, photos, and in the field GoPro sorta stuff. But it this should go there, sorry.

Anyway, yeah, we made use of everything at Algonquin College in Ottawa to film a cop show set in Toronto. Various sub-schools on campus were nice enough to loan us resources like an ER simulation lab (Also recently seen on last weeks Rick Mercer Report!, a simunition training range were we only made use of a Crown Victoria set up in it, and even an ambulance from the paramedic program. We also had unofficial assistance from someone in the Ottawa Police Service who supplied us with the airsoft guns, assisting with policing on set, and keeping campus security off our backs. ...Cause WOW, does campus security get edgy when you dress people up like cops and bring what looks like a military assault rifle on campus! We were going to have a scene set out doors with an ambulance and police car at the curb where they pick up the soon to be shooter, but the school's vehicle maintenance was less stellar, the vehicles were not operational so that scene was dropped.

This was a class assignment so there were requirements in length, content, what we could and couldn't show and all that. But I'd like to do more like this, probably short bite sized 2min aprox type things where techniques and special effects can be experimented with. Less emphasis on story and more on 'Seeing how well we can blow shit up'. I'll be moving to the GTA in about 3 weeks so I can attend Sheridan for Advanced Television & Film, so if anyone is interested with resources of film locations, maybe we can arrange something.

Enjoy and I look forward to all the posts complaining about equipment accuracy, movement, guns and what have you. But before you make those posts, please consider the following: We also did faux bullet time in this and that was totally awesome. :P
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