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Operational Pace

Pacing players is another key factor in increasing the immersion in Milsims

to set and maintain an appropriate operational Pace takes a strong chain of command and players willing to place themselves subject to it.

For a short "day game" pacing is not much of an issue but once you get outside 6-8 hours players are going to need some down time.

The key is to combine your Mission based taskings, with your time appreciation and create and exploit the gaps in the Schedule to put in place time for players to eat, rest and tech their guns.

nothing kills a game faster than a "lunch break" in which the field empties out, players drop their gear.. and then try to summon the motivation to return to the game after the break. Off field breaks are to be avoided at all costs.

On field breaks must be Scheduled, if you have seen to it that the group is organized then it is not much of an issue to rotate the various groups from operational tasking to "dinner" to forced rest.

Anyone leaving the field should report that fact to their commander, and up the chain to game control.
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