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KWA mp9 vs Custom 1911

Hello, I found a two guns on Craigslist either a Kwa mp9 or a Custom 1911. Both guns are from the same buyer, he says he never gamed with them, and are in mint condition.

"Custom built, WE lower chrome frame, KJW les Baer custom slide, Marui internals, Nova brass hopup assembly, guarder 6.02mm precision barrel, guarder 120% recoil and hammer spring, element dyna piston head."

He's selling the mp9 for $220 and the 1911 for $280 both come with one magazine. The problem is I'm not sure what gun I want to get. Both guns are entirely different, and have their pros and cons. I know I'm going to want the mp9 eventually so its just a matter of time and its cheaper then buying it at a store. The 1911 is more expensive but fits a bit more what I want as a secondary, and everyone one says TM is better. Any thoughts, any input is appreciated.
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