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Originally Posted by Nickaayyy View Post
May be a dumb question. But if I use GG in my GBBR after using some superlube in it, will the Superlube react to the GG, will it nullifie the grease or will just lubricate more my gun?

I'm quite curious because I know a loot of people just run propane and I was wondering it theres any chance that they just dont react well together.
12 years of using SuperLube in all my Green Gas / Propane guns, and I haven't experienced any form of a negative reaction.

Besides, any areas where gas would be flowing through, I would never used SuperLube (or any grease for that matter). Instead, silicone oil in the gas itself is all that's needed to keep your seals moist. Grease is ideally used in any metal-on-metal applications. If you put any grease in to the compression chain, you'll end up just blowing it out the muzzle of the gun anyways, and most likely end up fouling your hop up rubber and inner barrel.
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