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Not an expert. The method I used with desired results:

Discharged a neglected and unbalanced 7.4v LiPo with an old Xbox fan. Wired the fan to XT60's, connected the battery, and left it in an open topped ammunition tin outside in a sheltered environment until the LiPo volt reader plugged into the balance port read zeros all around. The pack did not swell further once discharged.

From my own research on RC forums on proper LiPo disposal, the salt water method seems to be a topic for debate. Some claim it renders the battery safe for disposal after sitting in the bath for a few days, some say the salt water corrodes the tabs before the pack is fully discharged.

Either discharging with a load connected or rigging a device to puncture the pack in a safe and controlled setting were considered as viable options to me as both the outcomes seem predictable. My own uncertainty of the salt water method and the inability to confirm a zero charge afterward had me opt for the method I chose. The desired results were achieved. YMMV.

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