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Originally Posted by joots View Post
Does anyone know where you can actually find this in the Toronto area? Like a store and section within that store? I've looked through a few places and haven't been able to find it.
I stock it... and I'm in Toronto. I order my stock in from the States.

I wish there were a Toronto location to get this. In the past, I'd ordered them in through either Brafasco or Fastenal, but it cost almost $20 for a single tube after their shipping costs and taxes. It also used to be found on the shelves of one of the big box hardware stores (Rona, Lowes, Home Depot, etc... I can't remember which one it was), and also at Active Electronics on Vic Park and Gordon Baker road... sadly, none of these places carry it anymore.

Even Home Hardware used to carry it (although, it was a special order item that your location had to order in from head office), but they'd removed the item from inventory as recently as a month ago. I'm not sure why this product is getting dropped.

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