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Originally Posted by JDoorn View Post
and what might be some other more commonly available alternatives to the systema cylinder grease? maybe something I could pick up at the local canadian tire?
I couldn't answer this, because I've only used Systema Cylinder Grease, and Tamiya Ceramic grease for these applications... neither of which are available at Canadian Tire.

Like I said, I'm probably being overcautious with the SuperLube grease in this application, and it's most likely safe. If you want to test it out, just smother an o-ring and/or hop up rubber (that you're willing to throw out) in the grease for a week, and see if it affects it in any way. Make sure you have a matching sample to compare against.

Truth is, if the hop up rubber or o-ring gets damaged by SuperLube, it will just as likely get damaged by silicone oil/grease (silicone rubbers swell when attacked by silicone based lubricants.... go figure.)
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