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Originally Posted by pestobanana View Post
feels about the same as the mineral oil I use for rod bearings and maintaining blades on gouging machines. The stuff left over doesn't evaporate.
  • 51% of WD40 is Turpentine/White Spirit/naphtha (or what ever you want to call it).
  • 20% is made up of alkanes. The long carbon chains (longer then Gasolines C8H18), which cannot absorb water, and are used to repel the water.
  • 15% of WD40 is Mineral oil.
  • 5% is CO2 to propel the above.
  • And the rest of WD40 is inert ingredients that do nothing.

The Turpentine and Alkanes group however, just like gasoline doesn't play well with rubber. So when you spray WD40 on your nice rubber seals, your actually spraying mostly things that are going to damage the rubber.

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