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^I LOL'ed.

To your question though: I do a band of fluorescent pink duct tape on the bottom of my regular STANAG mags and my metal AK mags because they're black and quite hard to find if dropped on the field, plus, you never see anyone with pink tape on their mags so anyone else in the game that finds one I may have dropped will know who to give it to when its over. I don't tape my PMAGs simply because I mark them with sharpie, generally my initials with the number of rounds the mag holds. I know some guys also run paracord with the tape sometimes to make cheap "Magpuls". Just depends on the person I guess. I used to think it was stupid until I lost a few mags and didn't find them for six months. Works for me now and twice has helped me get dropped mags back. I even have the handle of my rubber knife done in pink duct tape for the same reason. Kind can give you away sometimes though because of the bright color. I would rather have a harder time with camouflage than lose a $20-30 mag.
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