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Best kit list I'd seen was the one from Deadfall 2009 prepared by Brian, he covered off most of the stuff on his post above but I've always used this one as a base for my planning, at the very least, it let me go back to the thread and relive fond memories.

NB: Nearly every soldier I know swears by the bivvy bag and I admit I wouldn't go out without one.

Shelter , load carry

1. 3 day pack
2. Sleeping bag or ranger blanket
3. Shelter half / Bivy bag
4. bungie cords
5. Stove (Scott: I love my JetBoil for instant coffee but whatever)
6. Mess kit
9.1 roll TP


1. large meals IMP or canned foods
2.Snacks , energy bars
3. 6 liters water


1. extra pants and shirt
2.2 pairs extra socks
3. fleece
5.Gloves , 2 pair, one light one warm
6. watch cap
7. Scarf
8. extra boots
9. rain gear , gortex


1. smock- coat with lots of pockets for running light no gear
2. 1st line- belt for secondary, utility pouches. , for running with minimal gear
3. 2nd line - Full assault loadout for protracted fighting
4. 2 extra batteries
5. unjamming rod
6. multi tool
7. tools


1. AEG, + spare weapon
3. SIMKnife
4.Grenades (tornados and bb shower only no pyro)
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