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Lack of good sustainment kit will take you out of the game before anything else.

Water. Camelback.. Get one, 3 liter. I summer you can drink a liter an hour when you are fighting.

Food, I always bring lots, but generally don't eat much, but I am an old guy with a slow metabolism... I,ve seen young guys crash hard because they runout of energy.
Portable food is better than stuff that needs prep. But nothing beats a hot meal in the field.

Pick up a esbit stove so you can heat water, and buy some freeze dried meals , mountain house is good.

Clothing, layers, synthetic , and wool. With a gortex shell

Get a ranger blanket

And a good 3 day pack to pack it all in.

Ideally you want to be able to pick up and go with everything g you need for the weekend in one go.
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