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First Milsim this spring.

Well this spring Ill be attending my first Milsim (May, gonna try any way)
I'm hoping to attend a smaller one in may as I have signed up for Art of war and Nightfall already.

Basically what im asking is what I need to enjoy this game to the fullest.
I know everyone says use the "search" feature but on here it barely works if at all just brings up every thread, so ya.

Anyways here is what I have.

- King Arms M4 & Magpul PTS Masada SV (sameas regular masada without sight and polymer)
I wanted 2 primary just in case one broke down during the OP.
- KJW Sig Sauer P226
-Tactical vest (M4 pouches,dump,etc)
-Bdu's I will order at the end of the week(dont know which camo yet)
-ESS Goggles
-around 6-8 Midcaps (PMags work for both my AEG's)
- 3 batterys (Nimh)
- Have a small generator as well if anything happens (gonna leave in my car incase of battery emergency)
-smart charger

I know im pretty much set as far as the combat goes but could someone help me out on the kind of stuff I need thats mainly for endurance (canadian tire stuff, pocket knifes, tarps etc) if you see any thing missing from my load out though feel free to comment.

Also what is the sleeping like at a Milsim I am the kind of person that needs a few hours at least. like literally im not functional if I cant, am I allowed to return to my car for a few hours rather then sleeping on the floor?

INB4 6356036363 Litres of water (Yes I know)
Basically an overiew would be nice

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