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Originally Posted by yan101 View Post
any one use the KJW MK1?
From what I read, it seems like a good long range pistol; Accurate and easy to adjuste.
The efficiency might be low (1 refill/mag).
I am a amateur leatherworker so my pistol (what ever I get) will have a custom holster.

The price tag is low, could use it until I get TM that really catch my eyes.
The hard trigger pull makes it difficult to shoot rapidly and accurately at close range. You will be disadvantaged in CQB against regular GBB users.

On the other hand, it is not a noisy pistol, so it is best used outside to stealthily shoot your opponents, kind of like a TM MK23 without the silencer.

Also, you should know that this pistol will dry fire when the magazine is empty, it doesn't lock like a GBB when it is out of ammo. Expect to lose fire fights once in a while because you are dry firing at your opponents.
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