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Originally Posted by yan101 View Post
any one use the KJW MK1?
From what I read, it seems like a good long range pistol; Accurate and easy to adjuste.
The efficiency might be low (1 refill/mag).
I am a amateur leatherworker so my pistol (what ever I get) will have a custom holster.

The price tag is low, could use it until I get TM that really catch my eyes.
I actually just picked one up. Seems like a decent pistol for the price. Shoots hot like everyone says if you are planning to play CQB or if your field has tight limits on fps for pistols. There are people who make drop in mods that restrict the flow from the mag dropping the FPS. You can also run it on duster gas to reduce the fps.
I have just plinked with mine in my backyard and love it so far. Will be gaming with it in a couple weeks.
Oh and on the topic of efficiency, if you are shooting fast, yeah its crap. If you are shooting slower you can squeeze about 2 mags worth of gas out of it.
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