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KWA USP, mag/spares availability

Hi there,

Been looking around for a GBBP to purchase as my first gun*, and I'm interested in the KWA USP. However, it's my understanding that KWA lost the license to produce H&K branded items, so that finding spare magazines and replacement parts may be an issue. However, I also read somewhere that Umarex had been given the license by H&K and essentially producing a rebranded version of the KWA USP - is this correct? If so, this would likely alleviate this problem, yes?

Also, I'm aware of the commandment "though shalt not try to import guns", but does this hold for magazines as well? For example Airsoft GI

* I'm aware that a basic AEG is a much more appropriate item to start the sport with, but I figure I can rent/beg/borrow a long arm if and when I decide to try the real deal. Meanwhile, the pistol can always be used for plinking & etc.
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