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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
Well im sure being raised by a military mom or dad you likely learned respect of others and respect of firearms.
Where as in the ghetto kids are tought how to "fuck a n***** up" if they look at you the wrong way or sling dope on your block and how a pistol can make you money quick.
Lotta folks dont realise the gaps in society they hear "gansta rap" and dont get that those kids are rapping about what they see and live in their day to day lives.
and my area was relatively tame compared to say regent park or thd jungle (jane and finch) and there are alot of areas like that around the gta.
Lost ot of friends to pointless violence over "turff".
Society doesnt help much everyone who is "bad" gets busted goes to jail and learns how to be worse and gets put right back on the street with no opertunities and go right back to doin the same shit that got them locked up to begin with. Its a visious circle. Finally the government has started to realize they can reduce this by not sticking all the poor people in one neighborhood thats why they tore down regent park and spread them around more to "reduce crime" but they dont really reduce it they just spread it around so yes the crime goes down in regent but goes up in the areas they move the people too so really they are "equalizing crime" by soreading it around.
End rant.
This was honestly an interesting read. Thanks for sharing

Now for the actual thread, I just saw the news on TV, and they were talking about "Pistolet à air comprimé" (Compressed air pistol, or Steel BB Pistol).
They also make everything look far worse than three kids messing with "cool" guns. They should teach people about them, not scare people about them...
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