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Originally Posted by derailed View Post
hi all
i guess you can call me a newbie here
being a know nothing on airsofts
i was browsing online and came across videos of the sten mkII aeg
this gun caught my attention
sure is different looking from my 3000 shotgun,AK47 anniversary and L-96 rifles
just a note, there are no airsoft battles here, i just am looking for target shooting
i'm basically alone in airsofts
can someone tell me about this sten?
i looked around and did not see any dealers
in vids, they commented $1**-2** was the prices
really would like to know more
really appreciate the assistance from you people
i'm eager to learn
I own a sten Mk2 so I'll answer your question.

Sten Mk2 usually retail in Country for $300-350
$100-200 is Hong Kong pricing, you have to remember they don't pay much for shipping as the gun is made in mainland china just beside Hong kong.

It is what it is a pipe that shoots bullets (In this case plastic bbs)
It has no safety, the sights are a very crude peep sight.

This not a target shooting gun, it's a ok run and gun Submachinegun for closer range engagements. This gun has no safety or fire selector, it's full auto only.

The forearm is pretty wobbly it's held on by one screw.

The gun is made of regular steel for the most part, and stainless steel for the stock pipe. Mechbox is a derived from the m-14 v7 but has a proprietary shell. Some cleaning of the switch contacts needs to be done to make the gun reliable. The electrical switch on the Sten Mk2 is the trigger itself.

Hopup is adjusted via hex key from a hole when the magazine well is put into the storage position 90 degrees downwards.

It takes MP40 magazines of the AGM and Kingarm but not SRC brand mp40 mags.
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