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The Oasis is neat but it shoots hot out of the box for some places and the mags are sketchy. Bump it the wrong way and it's BB shower time.

The TM Sig is nice, I ran one for a few years and then had it transformed into and all metal beauty. It's in a few of the pistol threads.

The USPs are nice but some people have problems with the decocker/safety ceasing to work and others break triggers. Fixing them requires gynecologist tools.

This minute I have the TM 226, USPs from Tanaka (regular) KSC (Compact) and Tanio Koba (Tactical) an Oasis and a Wilson combat from Socom Gear. A KSC G19, TM G17, Marushin Five seveN & a MGC P7M13. The last two are the only ones I won't take to a skirmish (and if there was some sort of 80s event and I had an UZI I'd have the P7 out too).
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