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i do believe the newer generation of lipos are more stable from a chemical aspect and are less likely to explode/swell/ect.

last year one of my aegs that ive been having nothing but problems with was being used by a teammate with a 11.1v lipo *the gun was built to handle the battery* and due to wiring issues in the gun the wires short curcuited and the lipo "blew up" in my hands. now before you go crazy all it did when it "blew up" was swell up and "hiss" out gas.

someone WILL post the FAQ on batteries as i don't have it handy.....but for the quick info.

1. don't run a over powered lipo in your gun.

2. you don't HAVE to balance charge your lipo everytime but IMHO you should

3. always use a smart charger on your lipo

4. NEVER over charge or discharge your lipo

these are my OPINIONS so if you have different OPINIONS or FACTS please let them be known
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