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Attention to kw airsofters

To KW airsofters, university students in particular, there is a new rule posted for the GRT, no airsoft guns on their buses.

"Dangerous Items, Materials or Carrying Containers

For the safety of the public, handguns, paintball guns, pellet guns or any type of concealed weapon are not allowed on any buses or on GRT property."
The security manager cited this bylaw:

The applicable Region of Waterloo Bylaw 05-055 Schedule A 2 (t) states:

(Prohibited Activity) carrying any goods which are offensive, dangerous, toxic, corrosive, flammable or explosive in nature that are likely to alarm, inconvenience, cause discomfort or injure any person, or cause damage to property, whether or not such goods are contained in an approved container, without authorization.
The reason none of us knew about it is because the bylaw does not specifically state "firearm, or gun". I asked if it would be reasonable to interpret it as unlikely to do any of the above as I transport them unloaded, safety on, and with a muzzle cap. He did not directly respond to that question, but instead said he'd try to get me a permit, because he sees airsoft/paintball as a legitimate sport, and sees that students are generally limited to using public transit.
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