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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Is that the video with idiot boy at the controls?

If it is, no offense to you but anything he's touched is fucked. You can set that worry aside till reports from a reliable source are presented.
Thanks for your comment. But I also read many negative reviews about WE's products from 2 biggest Asian airsoft websites , (Taiwan), (Hong Kong). I own a few WE's pistols and GBBRs, and most of them have the problems as described in these forums.

One interesting thing is the RA tech's very speedy release of steel replacement parts for WE new guns, which sort of a good indication how "durable" the WE's guns are. This undoubtedly creates extra cost for budget buyers, and extra stress in fixing the problems for beginners.

I am too busy to DIY, so cannot afford to fix them all the time only after some brief use. I am sorry to say that WE is just not my cup of tea, no matter how attractive their price is.

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