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Originally Posted by sirtaco27 View Post
Hello ASC. Recently, through work and whatnot, I was able to get $1000.

My question, to you ASC, is what gun should I get? Seriously, I am grasping at straws here and I know there's someone on here who could help me.

I would check the classifieds but I have not been able to get someone to AV me yet.
Welcome to ASC sirtaco
ASC rules prevents us from referring you to a retailer until you are Age Verified. Deadpool gave you some good advice! To many new players buy the wrong airsoft on their first try and end up buying twice! You also need to find out what you really like, there's a ton of models and variants!

Here's a few pointers. The M4 is the most popular Airsoft because it is modular and parts are easy to find. A good price range for your first Airsoft is between $400 and $600 + taxe.

I like the following manufacturers because their products are good quality out of the box. Other manufacturers have good products but be carefull, some of them look good but are very cheap inside where it counts. Buying a cheap airsoft will result in a lot of frustrations and lots of money spent to make it work most of the time.

My favorites:

VFC (Usually top notch right out of the box).
Classic Army (Hi Quality all around).
King Arms (Good low budget Airsoft).

Friendly advice
  1. When you buy your first Airsoft, buy electric (AEG), not gas (GBB).
  2. Buy the right battery for it and go for NIMH for your first battery, not Lipo.
  3. Buy a battery charger that can charge any type of battery, do not use the charger that comes with the Airsoft unless you dont have any other choice!
  4. By 70-120 rounds Magazines for a total of around 300 bb's. Later you can buy 30 rounds mags if needed.
  5. Buy some really good balistic goggles to protect your eyes!
    Buy a good quality gun bag or carry case to put your Airsoft inside, if it's too cheap, it wont protect your Airsoft.
  6. Buy a bb loader, any type, Tokyo Marui is the best brand.

On top of all that you will need to buy a good pair of boots and a nice camo and a vest to carry your mags and probably a Red Dot scope. In the futur you will probably want a pistol, wait until you know what your talking about before going crazy in a store lol.

Well, if your good with numbers you will realise that your $1000 needs to be spent wisely if you want to be well equiped for the season

See you on the battlefield this summer

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