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@Green Synergy:
Thanks for the tip, I might wait longer and check the ads asap. I have been checking all the main (canadian only) websites and it seems hard to put your hand on a lot of great stuff that's always out of stock, and the ''best'' shop I have found so far that has lots of great TM products is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced (I won't name the place as I'm not age verified, but I'm sure you all know which particular site I'm refering to), it's quite frustrating as they have gorgeous stuff that I haven't seen available anywhere else yet... What can you do eh... Get AVed I guess!

Sorry for sounding that cheap Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to spend some (better be), I've checked the average airsoft prices in Canada and I'm still in. I just want to spend as wisely as possible on the long run overall, that's all. I feel like I might as well just throw hundreds of dollars out of the window if I don't make a thorough research first, as durability and performance seem to vary A LOT in airsoft. Thanks for your input on gas consumption, I'm with you on this, it truly costs nothing! I was stuck on green gas prices I guess... But propane does just as well as long as you lube accordingly, right? I want the hard kick, and I was actually considering buying a KJW pistol myself, the P226. I've read pretty good things on it overall, except for the mag leaks that seem to be a common issue. I did some research and I understand that there's a version 2 of the KJW P226 that would be compatible with TM E2 P226 mags, any of you guys have specifically tried that by any chance? Provided that these TM mags are better quality, but I would suppose so?

Thanks again for your kind help guys!
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