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Originally Posted by ZanderFTW View Post
I love the 1911 but the mag capacity is killing me and its out of stock, and will be for a long time (revolution airsoft)
What do you mean by mag capacity the single stack 1911 mags hold 23-26 rounds. The only draw back is the mags hold less propane. But nothing beats a sexy all metal 1911. They are just like the Glock very few moving parts to crap out and easy too work on, and tons of upgrade parts.

But it all comes down to what works best for you, I personaly can't stand how the Glock sits in my hand so I stick to 1911's or Sigs which are confortable and easy for me to shoot.

But you definatley want to go to a game and try out all the types your looking at or fondle them all in the store, that way you can see what suits your needs and your hands.
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