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Hold them in your hand before you buy one. It's only through that you learn what you like and what you don't. In my experience... I've owned a M9A1, a Glock 17, and a Hi-Capa. The Glock 17 is my go to these days. The Hi-Capa felt like I was shooting a 2x4... Safety location was nice though.

The M9A1 is nice, but has a few ergonomic issues that put me a bit off of the design. The safety is mounted on the slide, so it's hard to disengage. Not that much of an issue, I run the gun with it off all the time anyways. The issue is when I go to reload... The M9A1 has a nice solid slide release, but I prefer to slingshot my slide. I really can't get a good hold on the slide, and on more than one occasion I've accidentally hit the safety into the on position, resulting in a really big surprise when I try and fire. Eventually went to blading the sights with my left hand, which solved the problem.

The trigger pull is atrocious as well... The single action is amazing, but the double action is long and doesn't have a clean break. First shot accuracy is horrible, and its not designed to holster in SA, so you have to decock, holster, then deal with that trigger pull every time you pull the pistol.

Lastly, it is also a damn heavy pistol. It's nice and hefty, but wear it on your hip for eight hours and you'll feel it.

What I do like? It points well. The sights are nice and easy to acquire. The single action trigger is to die for, it's got the best break of any trigger I've ever fired. The chamber is nice and visible when the slide is back, so I can load individual BBs are do a chamber check. The grip fits my hands really well, the only better fit I have is a Glock... the height over bore may be higher on the M9A1, but the grip fits better, especially with the beavertail. A valve is available to reduce it to CQB velocities. You can throw the new generation of magazines through a wall, they'll probably survive. Don't leak at all.

So why did I go with a Glock as my primary sidearm? It points well, it has one consistent, crisp trigger pull, I can slingshot it no problem, and I can grip it extremely well, with bore low over my hand. I load it to real cap, but I can always load 24 rounds vs. the 17 I normally cary. It's also light and dead simple to figure out. It just works... and very, very well at that.

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